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We love working with businesses. We understand that when our clients become successful, we've done our job, and we achieve success too. Our first priority is building relationships with our clients. Money to us is a byproduct of the relationships we build with our clients.

We created a system that would allow us to grow with our clients as they progress through the different stages of business. Therefore, we have priced our services to accommodate the budgets and growing needs of our clients.

Depending on the work performed you will always have a fixed quote or a clearly defined price before we start any project or ongoing service.

Contact us now to see how customizable and budget friendly our business services are for any stage of your business.

Vist our TASK ESTIMATOR to estimate your tasks!

* Setup Fee may vary depending on selected services.

Our outbound calling that accompanies our inbound calling virtual receptionist services are billed outside of your monthly plan at a rate of $1.40 per minute or $11 per 15-increment per call, completely optional and you pay for only what you use.

Our outbound calling campaigns, where we are given specified call lists, are billed on a per call rate. You will know exactly what you pay before we start any outbound calling campaigns.

Per Hour Pricing: Apply to those projects which are time priority, small or have specific requirements.

Monthly Rate: When practical we can flat rate ongoing monthly projects for you to more accurately budget your monthly expenditures.

Project Rate: Apply to middle to large volume data projects. We estimate how long the whole process will take then offer certain discounts based on our hourly rate.

Transaction Rate: This is available for selective services in the case of high volume transaction entry.

Please give us a call to request a quote for your needs.

Full Service Payroll – We take care of all paychecks and payroll tax payments and reporting:

With our full service payroll solutions, The Admin Center takes care of all paychecks and payroll tax payments and reporting, customized to fit your needs. Our pricing is based on the frequency of payroll and number of employees. Free direct deposit with all payroll services. Contact us for a quick over-the- phone quote. Prices start at $47.50 per month.

Payroll Retail Option – You take care of all paychecks, payroll tax payments and reporting…we provide the software:

Let the Admin Center provide you access to our online payroll software for $39 per month for up to 5 employees. Each additional employee over 5 is $1.50 per additional employee per month. Manage your payroll anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. We can access your file online as you have questions and you can access the software to run payroll and complete payroll tax compliance. Free direct deposit is included. With this solution, we are able to grow with your business and we can take on more payroll responsibilities as your budget allows.

Modified Payroll Retail Option – You handle the paychecks we take care of the payroll tax payments and reporting:

When you can’t afford full service payroll, but you don’t want to risk the large payroll penalties for not filing payroll tax payments and filings on time, this option is perfect for your business. This solution will give you access to your payroll software to generate paychecks in house while we take care of all the payroll tax payments and reporting. There is no need to exchange files. All payroll is managed through a secure internet connection. Run unlimited payroll for $65/month up to five employees and rest assured your taxes and filings are guaranteed to be on time or we pay the penalties. Each additional employee over 5 is $1.50 per employee per month. Free direct deposit is included.

For all other services please contact us for a customized quote to fit your needs.