Let Us Help You

What Sets Us Apart?

Mia Paulus

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder

After earning two Bachelor's Degrees, one in accounting, the other in finance, Mia worked in public accounting for 2 and half years. Being a natural-born entrepreneur --- at the age of 6, she was selling Fireballs at a 100% profit! --- she soon realized that she needed to be at the helm in order to apply her ideas that she knew could better meet the needs of business owners. So, since she started her own accounting and tax practice 6 years ago, she has developed a reputation of genuine caring and concern for her client's success. Her desire to earn and keep their trust, as well as her colleagues' and those she leads, is demonstrated by her inherent ability to be compassionate and "real". Her never-waning vision for the firm to continually be better is inspiring to those who embrace it with her. And many an idea that fuels that vision has emerged and evolved as she’s trained on her prized road bike, cycling the Boise Valley.

Scott Paulus

VP of Training & IT

Working up through the ranks in a major enterprise level IT organization for 12 years, Scott has a depth of experience and knowledge that stands out when it comes to designing and implementing enterprise data networks. His positive attitude and calm leadership keep us all focused on the things that matter. As network architect, he keeps our technology cutting-edge and our virtual receptionist service seamless, reliable, and secure. It's been said on more than one occasion when guests come in to our office that it looks like a greenhouse… that would be Scott's green-thumb at work! With his east coast roots, it's easy to explain his sarcastic wit and eclectic taste for food.

Patti Jones, EA

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Patti has been in the accounting world all her working life. Considering her seemingly innate accounting skill, talent to take charge, and propensity to cheerfulness, it's easy to see how she has gained such an abundant breadth of experience in both industry and public accounting. From starting at the front desk, through "digging deep in the trenches", her ability to exercise and maintain “big picture” awareness has garnered the respect and trust of her colleagues, clients, and team members. Her honest desire to make others feel good and share the joy found in the small things keep her going when the going gets tough. Her biggest joys: her family... her pets... and her flowers!

Nick Eller

Chief Information Officer (CIO) & Account Coordinator

Ever since he was a little kid, he has been tinkering with electronics trying to figure out how they work and how to fix them. Because of this, many of Nick's friends, family, and co-workers are astonished by the fact that Nick can fix almost anything! So it's no wonder he has made working in IT his profession. He has provided computer support to individuals and small businesses around the Treasure Valley. When he isn't "saving the day", he enjoys camping, off-roading, photography, and traveling.

Susan Gaythwaite

Administrative Support Specialist

You can call us about the big stuff AND the little stuff. We are always happy to talk with you about whatever concerns you may have. And you don't have to worry about being "nickel and dimed" to have your mind set at ease - less than 15 minutes, we don't charge!

You run your business based on information. We understand that sometimes that information needs to be explained in a way that makes sense. Our goal is to add to your understanding and help you develop the insight you need to grow your business by using plain and clear language.

You seek knowledgeable resources probably every day. Our training and experience give us the expertise you seek for help meeting the needs of running your growing business. What sets us apart is that as we apply our knowledge and expertise, we also want to share it with you, empowering you with the tools to be successful.

When you need us, we're here for you! We WANT to talk to you! We WANT to help! You can be assured that we care about you and the issues you need our help with to resolve. We demonstrate that care with responsive, swift attention.